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An Open Letter to Technical Recruiters
Jul 8, 2014
2 minutes read

Hi. This is Trevor Brindle. Yes, my day is going fine, not that you really care. I am already judging you for your name, your lack of speaking skills, or for the fact that you live in a city I have no intention of living in, or even liking - I’m looking at you Detroit MI, San Jose CA, and Houston TX. If you bothered to read my profile, I will not relocate.

I am not going to read the “opportunity description” if it is for a 3 month contract. Honestly, I will probably not read it even for a 6 or 9 month contract since I am employed full-time. I will completely ignore you if are looking for someone to “do” Cobol, ColdFusion, DHTML, XHTML, SOAP, Flash, or “The JavaScripts”. Find someone else to work in your ancient and made up technologies. Also, I’m sorry, but Java and JavaScript are not even related. Just because I have frontend JavaScript experience does not mean I would make a good backend Java Developer.

I’m sorry female recruiters, having a pretty picture on LinkedIn will not help you. Further, I will not go ahead and help you “reach out” to my developer friends for you just because you are especially bad at your job. Male recruiters in your 40s – what is your problem that you will literally call me 4 and 5 times in a day, for weeks in a row? It pissed me off the first time you called me “Trev” or “Bud”, because you do not know me, and I am not a child. Also, that incessant calling thing is reserved family emergencies and clingy girlfriends. I will block your number.

Stop assuming this is a golden opportunity for me or really anything but a company’s last effort to fill a position before outsourcing. Stop assuming that a junior programmer needs 5 years of experience. Stop assuming I can understand you mumbling into the phone. Stop assuming everyone has to know and use C for 5 years before being useful in web development. Stop asking for the skillset of a 50 year old for a 20 year old’s salary. It won’t happen.

I understand you are only doing your job, and you are often a key part of working and progressing in the tech field. But please be logical, honest, courteous.

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